Disadvantages of synthetic leather

genuine leather vs synthetic

The human being processed some materials with practical purposes since ancient times, one of them was leather, the need for clothing, utensils, among others, led us to it.

Leather is associated with the provision of food and survival in general, 'since it was based on hunting animals to eat their meat, which brought, in addition, animal skins.

As a raw material, it presents many possibilities, especially its great versatility, which is evident in the different uses it offers: from applications as elementary as clothing and shelter, to luxurious and beautiful objects: bags, boots, wallets, belts... very fashionable nowadays.

faux leather vs synthetic leather

But why is leather used for the manufacture of these objects?

Leather is used in the manufacture of footwear, leather goods, furniture, clothing, saddlery, among others, because first, it has high resistance to abrasion, puncture and traction, as well as the ability to mold to the body or frame, impermeability without losing breathability, and finally, thermal capacity and relatively low weight.

Synthetic leather vs. genuine leather

Synthetic leather is made of plastic materials, and is lighter in weight compared to genuine leather products.

There are two types: polyurethane and PVC, also known as eco-leather.

The objective of synthetic materials is to imitate animal skin and leather, so they are designed to be as similar as possible to natural leather, to such an extent that these designs are difficult to distinguish, however, there are characteristics that differentiate leather from synthetic skins.

One of the main differences between real and fake fur is that fake leather is not porous, so the fabric does not allow air to pass through it, so it can be uncomfortable and hot compared to leather, even sometimes it has a plastic smell.

Another difference is that to support the engraved plastic face a fabric lining is used, this is usually an interlock fabric that maintains the flexibility of the plasticized fabric, as much as possible to mimic leather.

Synthetic leather is used because of the lower cost of the material, the ease of cutting and tailoring, and finally, because they are easier to find than animal skins.

They are also designed to offer alternatives to natural leathers by using unnatural colors and textures.

Synthetic leather material can be used in the manufacture of shoes, bags, jackets, accessories... because the weight and feel of these fabrics are very similar to those of the natural raw material, moreover, in many cases, it is difficult to distinguish a real skin from an imitation.

synthetic leather vs genuine leather

Disadvantages of synthetic leather:

  • It does not have the same luxurious feel, both to the eye and to the touch.
  • It does not have the classic leather scent.
  • It is stickier than standard leather when warm.
  • Loses more hair than real leather.
  • The weave that holds the fabric in place is weak so it leaves fibers all over the house and on your clothes.
  • Synthetic fibers are also no less warm than real fur.
  • They are sensitive to heat and therefore form permanent creases and wrinkles.
  • Although they can be finished to give fabrics a lustrous appearance, they shrink or take on an unsightly sheen when ironed.
  • Synthetic fabrics have low absorbency, i.e. they dry quickly, but dye with difficulty.

Advantages of genuine leather

  • Real leather gives you an air of luxury and prestige.
  • It breathes better than faux leather, making it more comfortable to wear on items that are in direct contact with the skin, such as jackets, handbags and wallets.
  • High-quality leather becomes softer as it ages.
  • It has a particular smell that many people prefer

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