Heavy bags and their health consequences

neck pain after carrying heavy bag

It's no secret that women love big and spacious handbags

Those that seem to be taken from Disney movies where you can fit almost any kind of objects you want to carry, something in the best Mary Poppins style, but many times we forget how harmful it can be for our health to carry heavy bags.

There are those who seem to carry a whole arsenal of war in their small bag, either for practical purposes such as carrying notebooks or work implements or for simple whim (like carrying all our makeup kit) the truth is that in the long run carrying heavy bags can cause us a permanent problem.

Even if it seems exaggerated, we should always measure the amount of objects we carry with us and according to our weight and height there are percentiles that do not indicate the weight we can carry, which is why we must consider how carrying heavy bags can affect us.

Carrying heavy bags or carrying them incorrectly can cause neck problems

Severe muscle contractures, especially in the trapezius muscles, as well as shoulder mobility difficulties and wrist complications.

Do you suffer from back pain and don't understand why? Maybe the reason is in plain sight and you have not noticed it, in addition to the problem that represents the weight, carrying heavy bags generates bad posture, that's right, they generate a long-term bad posture and the worst thing is that you get used to it.

shoulder pain from heavy bag

Generally, carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder is even more problematic because these bags only have one pair of handles, making the weight fall on one shoulder, completely affecting the posture of the person who carries them.

In addition to this, carrying heavy bags on one shoulder can generate constant pain and discomfort in that area, which undoubtedly only worsens the situation, and no, constantly changing the bag shoulder is not at all a solution.

Many women decide to carry their handbag as a suitcase, carrying it with one hand, however, this will not solve the problem either and carrying heavy bags can also be harmful to the wrists and joints.

Among the types of bags most recommended by physiotherapists, the shoulder bag is the king, preferably with a wide and padded handle, and the best way to carry it is close to the body and avoiding any kind of swinging, however this does not mean that you can carry too much weight in this type of bag.

Carrying heavy bags can be a problem even if you carry a shoulder bag

Because in the long term this can lead to neck contractures, and even more serious and painful problems in the long term.

We should always avoid carrying heavy bags for a long time or recurrently, because we must always consider that the weight of your bag should not exceed 10% of your own weight, after a weight above that, we will begin to have problems.

We must take into account that at least 78% of women can not be without our bag a single day, mainly because it allows us to carry essential items such as keys, wallet, cell phone and glasses, however the problem lies in carrying heavy bags due to health problems arising from excess load.

Most people like to look good at all times, but as we have mentioned, carrying heavy bags can be really unsightly, not only because of the bad posture they generate, but also because they lengthen the muscles in certain areas while others will remain the same.

The most immediate reaction after knowing all the effects that carrying heavy bags can cause us, would be to do without most of the things we carry in it, taking with us the basics, however, I know that for many it is difficult to give up those "just in case" that completely fill our wallet but in turn help us to face the day with greater security.

And I think that's the main problem, many times it's not just about carrying items, but we see our purse as a kind of portable home, carrying those things that maybe someday we might need, but may not even use in the end.

There are even those who call it the heavy bag syndrome, not only because of the symptoms it generates in people who go through this, but generally many women decide to carry heavy bags, without having an apparent reason, just the mere need to have everything "under control".

hip pain after carrying heavy bag

They say that forewarned is forearmed, but how true can this be when our health is affected as a result of our "foresight".

So take it easy and in the best Calmabags style, start carrying the basics and why not? One or two "just in case", but always taking care that the weight of your bag is not excessive.

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