How to clean mildew from leather


Don't think that bag with those little stains that reveal mildew on your leather bag is lost.




Follow these little tips that will help you clean mildew from leather.


Many times we want to preserve our leather accessories or garments for a long period of time. We are always looking to extend the life span of these pieces.


We want them to last a lifetime.


At Calma Bags we design and manufacture our bags to be that lifelong companion that makes the difference in your styles.


In this quest for preservation we came across a great enemy, mildew.


Although it is a problem that requires attention, you should not worry and you should not make the mistake of thinking that your bag or piece of leather is lost just because you see the characteristic stains caused by mildew.


You have to know what can be solved with cleaning techniques.


Now, how to clean mildew from leather?


You need to know that it is not safe to apply chemicals arbitrarily, without any forethought and prior research. It is not safe, plus you can put the leather piece at risk as well as your own well-being.


The tips I am giving you are basic, simple to follow and harmless and you can apply them to clean your leather bag without fear of losing it forever.


Before starting with the cleaning procedure of your leather bag or leather piece, you must avoid the following:


1. Never use detergent on the leather.

2. Never wash the leather piece in the washing machine.

3. Do not use any cleaning product without previous information.


In case you want to use a cleaning product, make a test before using it.


On a small section of the leather, test the cleaning product and observe its effect.


To clean or wash the piece of leather observe the labeling of the product and read the washing instructions.


After avoiding what we indicated above and taking the necessary measures, we will proceed to clean the mildew from the leather.


Follow these rules to remove mildew from leather and recover that precious bag.


  • Make sure the leather is COMPLETELY DRY.
  • Using a soft, damp cloth, gently wipe the area where the leather mildew is located.
  • Let the piece dry.
  • With a leather cleaner or a very mild soap clean the entire piece.


There is an alternative cleaning method that has shown positive results in removing mildew from leather.


This method consists of using a mild dishwasher (NOT TOO AGGRESSIVE) and water.


  • Apply the dishwasher to the area and brush GENTLY with a toothbrush.
  • Add a drop of vinegar to disinfect the stain (only where the mildew stain is on the leather).


It is advisable to use face masks to avoid breathing in mold particles.


As we indicated before, we do not support the use of chemical products, for this reason we recommend you to use a special soap for leather, not the one you have at hand.


Although mildew is an undesirable enemy, you should keep in mind that we can prevent it from appearing.


You can prevent mold from growing on that leather bag that you appreciate so much and that you want to last forever.


For this reason you should pay attention to how you store your leather bags. Especially if you live in humid areas.


So, the question arises, how should you store leather bags in humid climates, and that's why we recommend you to follow the following tips:


  1. Avoid stacking them
  2. Keep them separated from each other (we recommend you to use a coat rack).
  3. Do not store them wet.
  4. Make sure they are always dry (if you accidentally spill some water on your leather bag, DRY IT).


In Calma Bags we try to have the highest quality in the production of our bags.


It is important to us that the pieces we create last for years as a special part of our customers' lives.


That's why we offer you these tips that can help you to keep that bag that you appreciate so much for many years.


A good leather bag will never be too much in your accessories.


That's why you should see right now the great collection of bags that Calma bags offers you.