The must-have handbags in your closet

essential bags

Today, handbags are considered an essential accessory in any woman's life, but did you know that until 1920, classic designer handbags were small for upper class ladies and larger for working women?

From then on, classic designer handbags multiplied and became indispensable for any occasion.

By 1937, a bag was invented with an aesthetic that broke with the fashion norms that prevailed at that time, they were the clutches, initially called Kelly, in honor of the actress Grace Kelly.

The clutches became the essential handbags in any closet, a symbol of the independent, active and confident woman, because their large size made them very practical.

In the 40's bags became bigger and more useful, this as a consequence of the rationalization of materials as an effect of the Second World War.

In the late 70's and thanks to the feminist movement, comfortable models like the shoulder bag came back, as well as buckles and zippers details, in the 80's backpacks emerged as an alternative.

Nowadays, essential bags come in a variety of designs and multiple colors that can complicate your choice, while still being a pleasure, because who of us dislikes admiring and choosing bags?

Whether they are the best designer bags for work, shopping, outings or parties, small, large, hand, shoulder, or cross-body, we always enjoy looking for the ideal bag.

But as we are sure you want to know what are the must-have bags in 2021, we invite you to keep reading, we know that like us you love to be aware of the latest fashion trends.

The bags that are trending for this year could be divided into countless categories, but we will summarize them in six, taking into account the size, silhouette, details and, in some cases, the fabric.

essential handbags

From maxibags to microbags, through designs with different appliqués, links and details, to the return of vintage inspiration (retro style)

  • With links: Whether it is the handle or appliqués, links are one of the keys of the season's bags, this detail will become the center of attraction for being unconventional.
  • Lambskin: There are bags made entirely of sheepskin with bangs included, or with leather finishes or in which this fabric is limited to the details, maybe they are not the best investment but they will be a novelty.
  • Vintage-inspired: Vintage-inspired bags will no longer be the silent trend they have been for a long time, there are as many models as it reaches the imagination.
  • XXL size: maxi bags are the most practical bags, their designs are versatile and although it may seem contradictory, they are minimalist (simple) at the same time.
  • The 'pouch': they are halfway between a clutch and a shoulder bag, with pom-pom appliqués, with large ceramic beads or braided key.
  • XXS size: micro bags can not be classified as bags but rather as decorative accessories, either hanging from the belt or around the neck (can you imagine?) They are not versatile but they are trendy.

Of course, we present just a sample because there are many designs to choose from, but maybe you are not interested in retro-inspired bags or sheepskin, or you are not interested in micro bags or appliqués in the form of links, but like everyone else you like to keep up with fashion.

classic designer handbags

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The Backpcks are beautiful and practical backpacks in a variety of models and colors, an air of distinction.

Bumbag, the perfect accessory for casual or formal occasions because you will feel comfortable having your hands free, and 'safer because you will have your belongings closer to you.

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