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In Calma project bags we are manufacturers of handmade bags made with the best leather in Spain, our products have an excellent finish and are very practical, so they will serve you in your day to day, in addition, their quality and beauty are maintained over time.

We offer a variety of designs in beautiful colors, ideal for any occasion, we have models that by their characteristics will make your life easier, whether you go to work, to college, to the gym, shopping or walking, among others.

Our crossbody bags, handbags, shoulder bags, bumbags, backpacks, any of them will make you feel pretty, elegant and confident, no matter the moment.

If you are wondering where to buy leather bags or maybe where to buy leather near me, we are your answer.

Our prices include VAT and shipping within Spain.

We also offer you the best facilities for the shipping of your order, and no matter where in the world you are, as long as they have freight service you can buy your favorite bag.

Do not hesitate, write us.

  • Monday - Friday from 9:00 – 18:00.
  • Calle Sor Pilar Linares, 26, 11600 Ubrique (Cádiz) España.
  • +34 856 092 455
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